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Missing Teeth

I’ll tell you the story and then you can see it for yourself in the pictures .  Yesterday, Thing #2 lost one of his top teeth while at the park.  Both of his top teeth have been very loose all week so it was no surprise that one finally came out.  However, the second one was still hanging on – actually dangling.  Eeewww!  He could not do anything because his mind was on the hanging tooth all evening.  So, I had finally had it.  JS and I tried to persuade him to let us pull it but he only wanted Jenni (my wonderful friend who pulls my boys teeth and will go out of her way to stop by if they request and the tooth is ready).  She had already come by once this week but no luck!  OK, so after crying for Jenni, JS comes in the room with a long haired wig and pretends that he is Jenni so that Thing #2 will let him pull it.  This only created some serious laughs but the tooth was not out yet.  Finally, we talked him into the old tie a sting around it and the door knob and slam the door shut!  It worked and now he has no front teeth.  The tooth fairy was good to him for losing 2 in one day!
Only one tooth missing…
“Jenni” trying to pull the tooth…
The countdown…
It’s out!IMG_3845


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Zoo Keepers for the Day

Thing #1 and Thing #2 had the privilege of being the Zoo Keepers for the day at our local Irvine Park Zoo. We arrived very early to clean the goat pens, prepare the food for the bears and hide their treats in the enclosure and shovel their poop, pet the porcupine (Sherman), hide the frozen dead mice for the Ocelot, feed the Javelinas (wild hairy pigs), give the mountain lion his medicine in dead fish, make treat boxes for the raccoons, hold the snakes, pet the opossum, hang out with the beaver and feed him corn on the cob, and the list goes on and on. These boys have such a heart for animals and they were not afraid of ANYTHING that day! They were able to learn alot and actually help those who tend to these great animals! Enjoy the pics…


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Happy Birthday to my dear childhood friend!  (sorry for the very belated post)  It was a fun evening in with the kids to celebrate.  The Girl’s Weekend to celebrate is just around the corner 🙂

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Sick in Bed

Just wanted to share a funny story about the day in the life of  a mommy.  Thing #2 got sick a few weeks ago.  It was a very short lived flu but he got to stay home.  Thing #1 was frantically run in the kitchen saying something about his brother needing “the tray.”  I couldn’t figure it out and was wondering if he was getting sick again and needed a bowl so I go running into their bedroom to see Thing #2 in his bed asking for his breakfast in bed served on “the tray.”  As you can imagine, the rest of the day was all about mommy serving this little man who was perfectly fine but obviously knew how to milk the situation.  I didn’t mind but I wonder if I am wrecking things for his future wife (whoever that may be)!

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Bachelor Finale

Just for good ole times sake! It was great to get together with the girls to watch The Bachelor like we used to always do.  Life gets too busy!  P.S. That guys was a weirdo and really got on my nerves!

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Where have I been? I feel like I have not blogged in forever. It actually has only been 2 weeks but I am realizing that it feels like forever because so much happens in a few weeks. We have been so busy with baseball (that I will not be blogging about today) and cleaning the rapidly growing chickens (that are STILL living in my house and that I will not be blogging about today) and everything else that just keeps coming up! So here goes…the next few posts will bring you very current to the happenings in our lives!

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Play Ball!

Go Athletics! The baseball season has officially started. I am so proud of the boys and their coach (JS) 🙂
Thing #1 was an awesome catcher!
Thing #2…swing batter, batter!
I love this pic! Coach’s helper!

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