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Happy Birthday Grandma!


Happy 79th Birthday Pretzel Grandma (as the boys call her)! At 79 years of age, this lady was walking Old Town Orange, dining at Cafe Lucca, and enjoying a cupcake at The Cupcakery to celebrate! I had a merry time with my grandma, mom, and aunt! Wishing her a year full of love and laughter!


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They fight like the best of them and this week it has been on.  They have been at it over everything…legos, chicks, what movie to watch, etc.  It starts with a mild argument and then escalates.  I know many of you know what I am feeling…  But, when one needs the other (because he got scared), he finds such comfort in his brother.  It warms my heart to see them so close even though they are getting so big.  This is how they slept for the first 4 months of  life and I still find them this way from time to time.  God has given them such a special gift…each other!


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Yes, we added 2 more girls to the group.  Please welcome Dotty and Speckles(they are Silver Laced Wyandottes).  I love these little creatures despite all of the mess that they make for me.  I love that the kids get to experience a taste of farm life right here in the city.  It was funny to watch the “welcoming committee” (Tootsie and Shirley)…they were not very welcoming!  They were not mean, just very stuck up.  They separated themselves and cuddled in a corner while the new little ones tried to squeeze in, under, or around.  After two days of this nonsense, Dotty had had enough.  She kept running around and nipping at their tail feather.  Comedy!  Needless to say, they are all getting along now!


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Sunday Afternoons

It has been sooo long since we’ve had a lazy Sunday afternoon. This is what all the boys in my house did after church while I gave the chicks a “spa day”. Those girls need pedicures almost daily. All they do is step in the poop that they continually expel. ha! I did not really get to relax but it was fun to catch the guys sleeping and I got to have some time with my girls! hee!

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Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We celebrated all weekend… in the classroom enjoying fondue and out to dinner with good friends.


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Check Out These Chicks!

My husband finally gave in to my hen pecking (and pecking from a dear friend – you know who you are)… we got 2 baby chicks!  I have been wanting these for my boys for some time now.  JS (my hubbies new blog name) raised 13 chickens as a child and sold their eggs from his little red wagon.  I wanted the same for our boys but he was against it due to the mess.  I promised I would take care of the mess since I already clean up after the dog and clean the horny toad cage.  How could he say no?  We are thrilled to introduce Shirley (the Black Sex Link) and Tootsie (the Rhode Island Red).  They are so funny and Shirley is quite a pistol.  She won’t lay down to go to sleep.  She falls asleep standing up or with her head hanging over her food dish.  Thing #1 thinks that she acts like a woodpecker.  I would love to have two more of these feather balls (I am working on it).  Hopefully we will have fresh eggs later in the Spring/Summer.  I’ll try to keep their growth posted…
Very happy boys…they should have been raised on a farm! They love animals!
I think they are going to be best girlfriends!

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We had such a fun time at dinner with all of the fam this weekend.  My favorite brother (actually, my only brother) celebrated his 28th birthday!  The boys love their uncle Jake soooo much.  They share so many things in common…lizards, snowboarding, love for Legos, baseball (especially the Angels), the river, and eating out for lunch!  Wishing him a wonderful year full of God’s blessings.

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