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Auntie’s New Pet

Check out this little nugget! My sister decided to get a new pet. Well, really it’s like a baby. It is a toy chihuahua. He only weighs 1.5 lbs. and the boys are obsessed with him. We welcome him to the family and wish Auntie the best in raising this little guy. I’m afraid he is getting very spoiled already!


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Grandparent’s Day

Thing #1 and Thing #2 love their grandparents! Thank you Nanny, Papa, Gum Grandpa, and Grandma Pat for taking the time to come and spend the day with the boys at their school. But most of all, thank you for loving them so much and for all of time you spend with them! We hope you enjoyed yourself and felt very special…you are so special to us!

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Thing #1 with his koala bear!
Thing #2 with his T-Rex!
The bears even wrote on the white boards!
Yesterday was Mr. Bear’s Birthday party and sleepover in Thing #1 and Thing #2’s kindergarten class. Mr. Bear is the class bear that comes home to visit and spend time with each of the children throughout the school year. All of the kids and their bears were invited to celebrate Mr. Bear’s 6th birthday. When leaving their bears for the sleepover, each child kissed their bear good night and told them to behave. Well, this morning the kids walked into a disaster. The bears had thrashed the room…Thing #1’s bear was playing on the computer while others were hanging from the flags, blocks and books scattered everywhere, empty juice boxes and trash all over the floor, crayons spilled, chairs knocked over, etc. All of the boys and girls had to clean up after their naughty bears. I hope they learned a lesson (but probably not) that they should obey the rules. I’m not sure how the bears are being punished this morning at school. Anyways, they thought is was sooooo funny! Mr. Bear and his friends sure know how to party!

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Amanda’s Wedding

The BIG day had finally arrived! Congratulations to you both, Amanda and Phil! I am so blessed to share another milestone with my friend of 20 years! Here is to many years of marital bliss (as my hubby would call it) and to many more unforgettable memories in our friendship! XOXO

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My Hubby’s Blog Name

Ok, so my hubby and I were out with all of our friends preparing for this wedding that I have been writing about. I asked my significant other to do something for me (I can’t recall at the moment what it was) and he did not want to do it. So, one of my best friends called him by his blog name saying, “Oh come on J-ASS.” He was not amused, to say the least, and has asked (well, not really asked but rather demanded) that I change his blog name. His exact words were “Get it off now!” I have not done so yet because I can’t think of anything good! I don’t really want to use his initials because I didn’t use them for the rest of the family. You all know how I like uniformity! Anyways, I am up for suggestions for his name change! Leave me some comments…

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Newport Cruise

BFFs til the end! Add this to the list of good times too!

My hubby and I joined Amanda and Phil’s family and friends for a sunset cruise in Newport the night before the wedding. It was the most peaceful and beautiful eveing on the water. The perfect way to relax and wind down from the week of festivities before the BIG event!

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The countdown was on…only a few days until the Big Day. My childhood friend was getting married! I love these girls. We have been through it ALL together! This night was added to the long list of good times shared together!

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