God Bless America!!!
Their daddy and uncle Jacob are doing a good job teaching these young boys how to play with fire!

When asked what time it is at the river, the reply is always “river time”!!!  We went ans spent 7 days at the river our river place.  It was a great time spent with family from all over – Los Alamitos, Yucca Valley and Texas.  We soaked up the sun, had to keep wet, and the boys even wake boarded 🙂

One of my fine chickens started laying eggs.  Whichever one it is, she is keeping it a secret.  We have been getting one egg a day now for the past five days.  I am so proud of my girl and I love these beautiful eggs.

Go CU!

The boys are having a blast at Chapman University’s Baseball Camp this week.  I know they love baseball but they are having so much fun just hanging with their buddies!

This past weekend, my cousin was married at the San Luis Mission. Such a great weekend of family, fun, and celebration. All of my cousins, except the bride and those under the age of 21) went out on the town the night before the wedding for TOO much fun! We were all very thankful for my husband that NEVER drinks! He was such a great sport in dealing with us! Summer 2009 023 Summer 2009 045
The next day, nobody was feeling good but we had a wedding to be at! Every time all of the cousins are together, we take a “line up” shot. We have been doing this since we were really little. Now we are all grown up but it is just as fun…actually more fun!!! My grandma will be 80 this year…we told her she was the oldest so she had to stand at the front of the line. Summer 2009 109
Just some fun pics of the family that I love so much…
Summer 2009 067Summer 2009 071Summer 2009 068

School is out for these cool cats! I am cracking up at the comparison of these pictures – handsome, clean cut, young men in their uniforms the last week of school to one week later with the new hair cuts, pimpin’ shades, and rock t-shirts. They went from looking so innocent and studious to teenagers (actually, first graders).  ha!  Check out all of the missing teeth… they each lost one more the day after this picture! 🙂
3613438798_6fecd35120Summer 2009 006

Where does the time go, really? It has been WAY too long since my last post and I am sitting here in awe that it has been months. It feels like weeks. To answer my own question that I posed at the beginning of my pot – my time goes to planning parties at my house…like Easter, my sister’s college graduation, end of kindergarten. It goes to running my kids around to playdates and baseball…which is now over except for baseball camp this week. It goes to tending the yard…feeding the dog and the chickens and cleaning up after them and tending to my garden that I love. Some of this is simply because I cannot say “no” and the other is because I love it but then hate that I have no time (especially to blog). I was going to throw in the towel on the bloggingthing because I was just feeling so overwhelmed with how to go back and retrace the past fe months  A few friends encouraged me to just start where I am at. Here come some posts that share just where I (or shall I say “we/the fam”) is at…